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The history of the rainbow flag

9 Mar, 2018

The first rainbow flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, a San Francisco artist, in response to calls by activists for a symbol for the community. Baker used the five-striped “Flag of the Races” as his inspiration and designed...

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The history of semaphore

26 Feb, 2018

Semaphore is a visual method of communication that involves signalling the alphabet or numbers by the hand-holding of two flags in specific positions.  It has been described as ‘Optical telegraph‘. The flags are coloured differently, depending on whether the signal...

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History of the white flag

20 Feb, 2018

The history of the white flag and its use for surrender was something I was contemplating, so I thought I would do this week’s blog on the subject. The universal sign of surrender has been a white flag for hundreds...

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